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57. Aktion "Satt ist nicht genug" - O-Ton Vandana Shiva #2

Die Leiterin des Projekts Navdanya in Indien, Vandana Shiva, über die langjährige Zusammenarbeit mit Brot für die Welt.

0:52 | 02.11.2015

"Bread for the world as a name itself captures the most important service of our times: To produce, protect, distribute bread for the world. You as supporters of bread for the world have a huge contribution to making this. And through your contribution over the last two decades, bread for the world as a partner of Navdanya has helped us build the foundations of another agriculture that protects the planet, the farmers and the eaters rather than destroy all three. Thank you and be stronger and lets work as one earth family for one beautiful planet we share and one humanity of which we will be part."




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